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Thursday, May 13, 2010

About Someone Else's Term Project

The term project I will be talking about is by Joseph Bruno called Free Content: What is the Cost? This project was about content that is considered free, how people react when they see the word free, and the actual cost associated with free content. The presenter first started off by defining free. Then he moved on by talking about Gillette and how they use free razors to gain a competitive advantage. They gain a competitive advantage by offering free razors to many businesses such as banks. Next he moved on by comparing a high quality product with a free product. The people preferred the free product over the higher quality product because of the association with the word free. Then he went on to explain the actual cost of free content. He mentioned that many free content create a monopoly, deteriorate quality, and cause the death of many industries.

I think that this project was very interesting and I learn a lot things that about how companies are using free content to gain a bigger market share. I also learned that there are many costs that are associated with free content. Which proves that nothing is really free. I found surprising that many people would actually choose a lower quality product over the higher quality just because the lower quality product was free. I really enjoyed the presentation.

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