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Thursday, April 22, 2010

About My Term Project

I am finally done with my new media presentation. I have done lots of research about my topic which is the impact of new media on national security. I learned lots of things about the government. I am amazed on how they are using new media in their infrastructure. I will start my presentation by defining national security and how the government play a major role on the country's national security. Then I will talk about how new media impacts four government functions which are inward sharing, outward sharing, inbound sharing, and outbound sharing. Next I will describe how the government has implemented new media into their infrastructure. I will also state some of the benefits of integrating new media and the government(government 2.0). Next I will describe some of the problems with new media and national security. Then I will talk about the solutions I think will help solve some of the problems. Finally I will describe how new media is being used outside the U.S.

I most interesting thing I found out was how the Department of Homeland Security is using virtual worlds to simulate terrorist attacks in order to better prepare first responders such as law enforcement on what to do after a terrorist attack. This simulation will help in better preparing them on how to coordinate with each other.

Overall I am glad that I chose this topic for my presentation because I was able learn new things about the government and how important it is for the government to use new media in order to improve a country's national security.


  1. You had a great presentation. I didn't know the government had their own versions of New Media websites.

  2. i learn a lot from your presentation. had no idea that there are gov't social networking sites. which reminds me, can you post your powerpoint on the class wiki so that we can access those links. thanks