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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

So far my new media class has been very interesting and fun. The professor had mention that this class will be the most entertaining class in Baruch and she was right. In this new media class we had used many social networking sites like twitter, blogs, facebook, etc. My favorite social networking site is using the blogs because I get to personalize it. My least favorite social networking site is twitter because of the limitation it has with the 140 characters. In class I learned how much of an affect new media has on different societies. Throughout the semester I have been posting many things on my blog. I have also been updating our class wiki. I think that this type of learning is the best way to learn because it is very interactive. I wish that all my classes were structure this way or at least give me the chance to creative like this class has given me. Hopefully the rest of the semester is as good as the first half of the semester.


  1. Everyone complains about the 140 character limit on twitter. I wonder why they don't change it. And I agree about the class being interactive. It makes the class more interesting and less of a chore. Some classes you just show up to take some tests and that's all you do. This method of learning is better.

  2. I agree with that the twitter's 140 characters limiting is complainable issue, and I also think it is little bit short.